Message From Chairman

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ExCo-Photo_Dor is-Ho.jpgDoris Ho

Chairman of the Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association (2020-2022)

It is an incredible honor for me to serve as the Executive Committee Chairperson of the Hong Kong Retirement Scheme Association (HKRSA).  I accept this challenge with humility and look forward to working closely with the Executive Committee members and all stakeholders. It is hard to believe this is the 25th year of establishment of the HKRSA.  I would like to thank all of our sponsors and members for their continued support over the past years.

HKRSA is an organization dedicated to leading and promoting sustainable and better retirement outcomes through empowerment, advocacy and sharing.  We work closely with the Government, regulators, corporations and industry experts to promote retirement planning as well as best practices, corporate governance and professionalism in the industry.  Research and discussion on topics from pension system to individual savings or wellbeing are relentless. 

Similar to most countries in the world, Hong Kong’s population is ageing and life expectancy of people is increasing.  Most people would expect to live for at least another 20 years, on average, after retirement.  This number sounds scary; therefore, retirement planning is of paramount importance to the success of the next chapter of our lives, and this goes beyond financial consideration.  Aligning with this year’s theme – Retirement Beyond Dollars & Cents, a new portal (retirehk.com/退優.com) providing a one-stop shop for wealth, health and lifestyle information has been introduced with an aim to help Hong Kong people start their retirement planning early.  We hope you will find this portal beneficial and useful. Please try out this portal now and let us know how it can be improved!

Operating as a not-for-profit and non-political association, support from our members and sponsors is of vital importance for us to achieve our objectives.  We will continue to outreach to our members and Hong Kong people via various channels despite social distancing requirements.